Welcome to EWAF Motorsports!

EWAF Motorsports was founded with the idea that high quality, reliable, flexible, easily used electrical control modules should be available for more motorsports enthusiasts. Far too many times I have seen products on the market that simply aren't built to my standards - either they're very delicate, and one simple miswiring can cause hundreds of dollars in damage, or they're not waterproof, or require a degree in rocket science to install. That's not what I like to see - it shouldn't be that difficult. So, I've started prototyping and building the products I see missing from the market, with these principles in mind:

  • It should be easily installed. No special expensive crimpers (some automotive connectors require over 1200 dollars in crimpers just to install!), no complicated software to install on your laptop or phone, no entering inscrutable codes or reams of data to get started.
  • It should be BULLETPROOF - almost literally. Please don't actually shoot at my products, or intentionally attempt to destroy them, but I have put significant thought and component budget into making sure that the most common ways of miswiring them should be survivable. Everything should be waterproof and able to be installed anywhere except where exhaust heat will melt it, too.
  • It should be at least as affordable as all other products available, without compromising on features or quality.
  • It should be as configurable and future-proof as possible - most of my products can be configured with nothing but your cellphone or laptop, a web browser, and maybe a text editor if you have an application not officially supported yet. If you have an application not officially on the support list, please contact me before purchase and I will do my best to verify whether it can be supported or not. If it can, I may be able to work with you to have it work "out of the box" by the time you place your order, and most of my products allow firmware upgrade from your cellphone or laptop web browser, so software improvements are always possible.

    Anyways, that's enough about nothing. Here are the products I have available at present, and on the development list!

  • Cruise Control Converter - this product converts resistively multiplexed (and in the near future, LIN bus based) steering wheel mounted cruise control switch panels to work flawlessly with GM factory ECU cruise control, on both drive by cable and drive by wire applications. A wide variety of vehicles are supported "out of the box" with more possible in the future. Current support list includes all '96 & later Jeep XJ, TJ, ZJ, WJ, WK, and JK, a variety of Dodge RAM, Dakota, Durango, & similar vehicles, as well as all (approx.) 1980 through 2010 Ford F series & similar vehicles. More features are currently being developed for the next revision of this design.
  • Link Miata Supercharger Kit Replacement IAT sensor - now available! Expect 2-3 week ship time as this is a low volume product.
  • Zirconia to Titanium O2 Sensor Signal Converter - now available! This adapter converts a modern 1 to 4 wire narrowband zirconia O2 sensor with the 0-1V output signal to correctly drive an ECU input for a titania resistive-type O2 sensor, as zirconia narrowband O2 sensors are significantly cheaper and more reliable than titania narrowband O2 sensors. It was designed to work with 86-90 2.5L TBI or 87-90 4.0L MPFI "RENIX" Jeep ECUs, but may work with certain older Nissan and Volvo systems as well. If you own a Nissan or a Volvo please contact me before purchasing so I can verify that it will actually work for your vehicle.
  • Your Product Here - if you want a custom product not listed here designed, I will work with you on it. Depending on your preferences and whether I feel there is a viable market, I will either do one-off custom design and fabrication by the hour, custom design by the hour with you retaining all intellectual property rights and production documentation for the product design, or with your permission, custom design of your product idea and an agreed upon profit sharing structure from its ongoing sale.

    Other Resources/Websites

  • My personal website: W1KAS.net (warning, you may encounter feral engineering rants, politics, obsolete tech junk info, and Jeep info dumps I can only describe as "what if Rainman, but he really likes rusty old Jeeps?")
  • NAXJA - the worlds premier XJ/MJ tech info and owners association
  • CherokeeForum - also great for XJ/MJ tech and owner discussion
  • XJJeeps - excellent source for XJ/MJ reference documents
  • Flyin' Iron Fabrication - makers of the worlds best FSJ LS swap engine mounts, among other products
  • Nickintime Design - makers of the worlds finest RENIX diagnostic tool, among other products